Omeg Sas di Tramontin Gianluca & C. is a family business working in the precision mechanics sector on behalf of third parties, founded in 1998. During the years Omeg Sas has seen its success growing, becoming a solid and dynamic enterprise in a position to meet the market’s challenges, acquiring quality in removing shavings: this is because it keeps abreast with the technological innovations in the machine tool sector, using cutting edge tools and instruments.
We specialize in small and medium series of medium to large complex mechanical parts:

For Omeg Sas to supply a finished product, it grinds it and completes small assemblies also relying on external companies for welding, heat treatments, toothing and other machining. We work in very many different sectors: steel, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil and building as well as the construction of prototypes.
Our strength is our flexibility in being able to dynamically satisfy the urgencies of our customers – from when the order is placed up to delivery.